LHK Interiors

I am pleased to welcomes B2B Partner LHK Interiors!  Interior Designer Lindsay Harker Kjellberg established LHK Interiors in 2004 and is based in Modesto, California –  yet her clients span from Fresno, to Sacramento, to Chicago, Illinois.

  • Click here: Design Certificate to receive a complimentary 2-hour design certificate.
  • Click here: LHK Interiors  to look up website and view the beautiful designs Lindsay has created!
  • Call Lindsay of LHK Designs at 209-505-4948.

Lindsay and her team at LHK Interiors will work with you to select the perfect furniture, colors, and architectural details to match the lifestyle and look you desire.  LHK Interiors designers will coordinate as much or as little of your requests to really customize your entire interior design experience – residential or commercial!  In the end, the aesthetics of each space will truly reflect personality, attention to detail, and distinction.

Next – contact Lindsay at 209-505-4948 or email at info@lhkinteriors.com to have her design your beautiful interior space!

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